Nail Lacquer in Evergreen
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Nail Lacquer in Evergreen

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Providing vivid, exuberant color on the deepest of winter days, Evergreens practically define our experience of nature for a good portion of the year.

This quintessential green is such a versatile shade that you will keep coming back to it all season long, shocked by how profoundly it complements your entire wardrobe.

8-free, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Made in USA

15mL / .51 Fl. Oz.

Each lacquer comes individually packaged in an elegant gold-foiled box

Our long-lasting Nail Lacquer and Essentials are 8-free, meaning they do not contain 8 toxic ingredients commonly found in mainstream nail polish, despite being known to cause serious health risks.  Flora 1761 is safer for all individuals, especially pregnant women, and for the environment as well.