The Earthly Trio

The Earthly Trio

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Consisting of three perennial favorites, this trio is the perfect set for a chic no nonsense person on the go.  They pair with anything and everything, and work beautifully with all skin tones.

This set includes:

     Candlebark, 15mL / .51 Fl. Oz.

     Chestnut, 15mL / .51 Fl. Oz.

     Odessa, 15mL / .51 Fl. Oz.

8-free, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Made in USA

15mL / .51 Fl. Oz.

Each lacquer comes individually packaged in an elegant gold-foiled box

Flora 1761 long-lasting Nail Lacquer and Essentials are 8-free, meaning they do not contain 8 toxic ingredients commonly found in mainstream nail polish, despite being known to cause serious health risks.  Flora 1761 is considered safer for all individuals and for the environment as well.